Lessons Learned from United Airlines’ BAD Customer Service

By now, we’ve all heard the recent story of how a United Airlines passenger was forcibly removed from an airplane. See article. Real World Story: Let’s review the facts of the ordeal. Before boarding, passengers were offered $400 to give up their seat. No one obliged. After passengers were boarded, passengers were offered $800 to […]

Café Ingratitude

Real World Story: A friend relayed the following true story: “Two weeks ago, I took a client to one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego, Café Gratitude. I LOVE the food at this restaurant, and I love the concept of gratitude. However, my experience on this particular day was less that what I’ve come […]

Exceptional Customer Service at WalMart?

We all know WalMart delivers low prices every time, don’t we? But have you ever been pleasantly surprised by its stellar customer service? Real World Story: Recently my brother and I visited the local WalMart. He needed a universal remote, a cable and some tools. I was slightly dreading this adventure because the last time […]