The Power and Impact of a Positive Attitude

Simple Service Secrete #1:  The Power and Impact of a Positive Attitude   As our national U.S. elections draw to a close, we are reminded of the power of words and actions. It’s clear to see how negativity takes a life of its own, drawing many of us into self-destruction—and not just the demise of […]

The Golden Rule of Customer Service: Communicate with humans as humans

Have you ever had someone make you feeling ashamed? Now imagine it happening to you at the hands of someone who is supposed to be helping you. Real World Story: I recently surveyed a company that provides care services to homeless people. It provides free meals, clothing, healthcare, computer use, and many other similar services. […]

How to reduce the awkwardness of interrupting customers

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to deal with the rambler—the person who just won’t stop talking. When it’s an acquaintance or family member, we can probably just walk away; however, we can’t leave a customer dangling mid-sentence.  We must be careful of our approach because we certainly don’t want to anger […]