Caring in customer service—nature or nurture?

Can exceptional customer service be trained? Can you nurture service reps to care about your customers, or is caring a trait of nature inherent in some people and not others? We’ve all dealt with customer-facing employees who seem to not give a hoot about taking care of us. Employees who “process” us like an item […]

How wasteful customer service trumps thrifty pricing

If you Google the word thrifty, you get the following definition: using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. Well, someone needs to let Thrifty Car Rental in on that definition. Real World Story: I recently flew from San Diego, California, to Indianapolis, Indiana. This is a long 6-hour travel day, involving countless numbers […]

The Lemon Tree Hotel turns out to be a real lemon!

In my last post, I described how excited I was to visit the Lemon Tree hotel in India because the hotel had sent me a positive welcome email claiming I would be met by smiles and friendliness. Real World Story: After my 30-hour trek from the US to India, I checked in at the front […]