Disheartening customer service at the Doubletree hotel

Real World Story: When I walked into the lobby of a Doubletree hotel during my last busy travel day, I saw two employees standing behind two counters that were separated by about 8 feet in distance.  I paused, looked at each one several times, and expected an immediate acknowledgement, smile or hello from either employee. […]

How to put a little EASE into your Customer Service

Want to know the secret to great customer service? Communication. Yup, it’s that simple. As customers, when we have a problem with a product or service, the last thing we want to do is to repeat ourselves again and again and again. Real World Story: My mother lost her credit card. I, therefore, needed to […]

Caring in customer service—nature or nurture?

Can exceptional customer service be trained? Can you nurture service reps to care about your customers, or is caring a trait of nature inherent in some people and not others? We’ve all dealt with customer-facing employees who seem to not give a hoot about taking care of us. Employees who “process” us like an item […]