Caring in customer service—nature or nurture?

Can exceptional customer service be trained? Can you nurture service reps to care about your customers, or is caring a trait of nature inherent in some people and not others? We’ve all dealt with customer-facing employees who seem to not give a hoot about taking care of us. Employees who “process” us like an item […]

When the Spirit of Customer Service Goes Beyond the Letter of the Law

Real World Story: So you’ve schlepped across the world in an airplane for thirteen hours. On arrival to your destination, you then schlepp your luggage around from service counter to service counter—from car rental place to hotel lobby to restaurant hostess station. But wait! What if every place you visited gave you a welcome letter […]

Say my name, say my name: a customer service faux pas that drives away business

I have a question for you. Do you like to feel special or generic? When circumstances are favorable, most people will say ‘special.’ Then why do so many people insist on calling me ma’am when they full well know my name? Why? Real World Story: Can you relate to any of the following real world […]