The power of “Hello” in customer service interactions

The first 10 seconds of every customer interaction set the tone for how your customer service, or lack thereof, is experienced by customers. And if you wish to deliver exceptional service, it all starts with a simple Hello! Real World Story:  In my latest customer service video, Simple Service Secrets #3: Hello, I share two […]

Conscious kindness for real-world connection

We live in a lonely world. We share the planet with billions of people, and we see hundreds around us on a daily basis. Yet we are not connecting with our fellow man. We walk next to one another on the street, stand closely in elevators, sit tightly on buses and subways, but we remain […]

Must-have Skills for Customer Service Teams

Have you ever wondered which skills make an exceptional customer service agent? Are you curious about what customers really expect of you and your agents? Would you like to learn more? Recent research answers these questions and more. Check out this link or click on the picture and let me know what you think.