From Sunset to a New Dawn

As 2016 approaches its sunset, it’s time to welcome a new dawn with 2017. And with this new beginning springs forth hope for… better health, stronger relationships, growing savings accounts, deeper understanding, and continuing kindness. If we all focus on these few life strategies, imagine the positivity that would result—a better world for you and […]

It’s Crazy Good Customer Service at the Staybridge Suites

For those of you who read my post last week about Thrifty Car Rental, I continue to write about my experiences in Indiana in this week’s post in which I describe my stay at Staybridge Suites. Real World Story: After experiencing abysmal service by several employees at Thrifty Car Rental when I first arrived in […]

How wasteful customer service trumps thrifty pricing

If you Google the word thrifty, you get the following definition: using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. Well, someone needs to let Thrifty Car Rental in on that definition. Real World Story: I recently flew from San Diego, California, to Indianapolis, Indiana. This is a long 6-hour travel day, involving countless numbers […]