Exceptional Customer Service at WalMart?

We all know WalMart delivers low prices every time, don’t we? But have you ever been pleasantly surprised by its stellar customer service? Real World Story: Recently my brother and I visited the local WalMart. He needed a universal remote, a cable and some tools. I was slightly dreading this adventure because the last time […]

Conscious kindness for real-world connection

We live in a lonely world. We share the planet with billions of people, and we see hundreds around us on a daily basis. Yet we are not connecting with our fellow man. We walk next to one another on the street, stand closely in elevators, sit tightly on buses and subways, but we remain […]

The Power and Impact of a Positive Attitude

Simple Service Secrete #1:  The Power and Impact of a Positive Attitude   As our national U.S. elections draw to a close, we are reminded of the power of words and actions. It’s clear to see how negativity takes a life of its own, drawing many of us into self-destruction—and not just the demise of […]