The power of “Hello” in customer service interactions

The first 10 seconds of every customer interaction set the tone for how your customer service, or lack thereof, is experienced by customers. And if you wish to deliver exceptional service, it all starts with a simple Hello!

Real World Story:  In my latest customer service video, Simple Service Secrets #3: Hello, I share two stories of my quest to complete two simple shopping tasks—with two totally different customer experiences.The power of Hello

Strategies that Turn it Around:

  1. Be ready. As a customer service professional, you should always be ready for customers. Remember: customers are not interruptions; they are the reason why your company is in business and why you have a job. At the start of your shift, BE READY for customers and BE READY to anticipate their needs. Know your company policies, inventory, procedures, and standards for exceptional service.
  2. Be visible. Don’t make customers go out of their way to find you. If you work in a customer-facing position, greet everyone with a smile and a hello. Even if you’re busy, acknowledge customers immediately, so they know you’ll be right with them. If you work via the phone, say hello, introduce yourself by name, and ask how you can be of service.
  3. Be helpful. Always listen to your customers before you interrupt them. Once you know what your customers need, formulate solutions, and then explain your plan of action to them.

Remember:  In the first 10 seconds of every customer service experience, we set the tone for success or failure. The power of Hello is the easiest and simplest of ways to set the tone for a successful customer service experience.

What do you do to ensure you are always ready and aware of your customers’ needs and expectations? Please share your stories and tips.