The Customer Service Way of Indian Hospitality

Real World Story: I just spent the last 10 days in southern India. During this second time that I’ve visited this country, I paid particular attention to the customer service at a variety of establishments, including hotels, entire villages, and even a world-renowned eye care hospital named Aravind Eye Care System. What I found was […]

The importance of explaining the “why” in customer service

Have you ever had an experience at a company that made you think “Wait, what?” Real World Story: A friend of mine relayed the following story: “My husband and I were going to one of our favorite restaurants, Café Zupas, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The restaurant serves homemade soups, salads and sandwiches. We arrived […]

Café Ingratitude

Real World Story: A friend relayed the following true story: “Two weeks ago, I took a client to one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego, Café Gratitude. I LOVE the food at this restaurant, and I love the concept of gratitude. However, my experience on this particular day was less that what I’ve come […]