Patience: The Building Block to Exceptional Customer Service

When you interrupt a customer, then you have probably lost your patience. When your body language and facial expression become rigid, then you have probably lost your patience. When you get angry with a customer, then you have definitely lost your patience. Real World Story: The following story was told to me from a friend […]

One visit, two completely different customer service experiences

Real World Story: Recently I spoke with two friends separately about a restaurant they both visited together. To my amazement, they each recounted a completely different experience from this one visit. One friend had a horrible experience from the moment she drove into the parking lot until the moment she pulled away. In her opinion, […]

The steak house with no service sizzle

Have you ever been to a “nice” restaurant where the service was horrible? Real World Story: A client and I were recently at an upscale steak restaurant in a small US town to give a presentation to a small doctor’s office. The presentation was to start at 5:30 pm. We arrived 45 minutes early to […]