Feedback: How to Strengthen Your Customer Service Arsenal With this Secret Weapon

Requests for feedback are everywhere. When you shop online or visit a new website, a service survey window will usually pop up. When you contact a company via Chat, a customer survey window almost always appears at the end of your session. When you walk into most restaurants, you’ll see “Tell Us How We’re Doing” […]

How to Use Exact Words to Elevate the Customer Service Experience

Real World Story: Have you ever dealt with an agent in a customer service situation who made a statement that left you scratching your head? You may have asked for a small favor or service only to be told “not a problem” or “no trouble at all.”  But why would asking a service agent to […]

The steak house with no service sizzle

Have you ever been to a “nice” restaurant where the service was horrible? Real World Story: A client and I were recently at an upscale steak restaurant in a small US town to give a presentation to a small doctor’s office. The presentation was to start at 5:30 pm. We arrived 45 minutes early to […]