The BASICS of customer service make all the difference

My mother and I have frequented Portinos Restaurant for years because it’s the closest restaurant to her hairdresser; we make those outings half-day occasions to hang out together so convenience is key. Real World Story: In the past, the food has been really good, but NEVER the service. We’ve put up with BAD service because […]

How to make positivity contagious for improved customer service

Negativity has always been easier to pass along than positivity. This is largely due to our antiquated human nature of day-to-day survival against the world around us. Our existence depended, historically, on knowing where dangers could be found. So passing on this negative knowledge was essential to our lives. However, we no longer live in […]

Customer Service Training Expert Barbara Khozam The Power of a Positive Attitude

A negative attitude is more contagious than a positive one, and negativity breeds negativity. Your brain is wired for survival, so it will react to protect you from whatever’s out to hurt you. The good news is that you have full control over your attitude. You can choose whether to be in a good mood […]