Patience: The Building Block to Exceptional Customer Service

When you interrupt a customer, then you have probably lost your patience. When your body language and facial expression become rigid, then you have probably lost your patience. When you get angry with a customer, then you have definitely lost your patience. Real World Story: The following story was told to me from a friend […]

How to Use Exact Words to Elevate the Customer Service Experience

Real World Story: Have you ever dealt with an agent in a customer service situation who made a statement that left you scratching your head? You may have asked for a small favor or service only to be told “not a problem” or “no trouble at all.”  But why would asking a service agent to […]

Do You Know All Your Customer Service Touch-points?

A touchpoint is every single opportunity that customers and clients have of connecting with your business. And every touchpoint has the opportunity to turn great service into a BAD experience. Real World Story: At a restaurant, touch-points can include the hostess, cashier, waiters, busboys and even the chef. At an insurance company, touch-points can include […]