How to Effectively Utilize “The Hand-off” for Better Service Delivery

“Sorry, I can’t help you because this isn’t my department.” How many times has a customer service agent given you this excuse? And how many times have agents simply transferred your call or walked away from you without any additional help or explanation? A business associate recently relayed the following story. Real World Story: This […]

Conscious kindness for real-world connection

We live in a lonely world. We share the planet with billions of people, and we see hundreds around us on a daily basis. Yet we are not connecting with our fellow man. We walk next to one another on the street, stand closely in elevators, sit tightly on buses and subways, but we remain […]

Step up, Step in, and Lend a Helping Hand

All people are inherently nice-and now I have proof! My mother’s health has been declining for the past seven or so years. She’s at the point now where she must use a motorized wheelchair to get around. My mother is extremely independent and has mastered the art of asking for help. When my mother asks […]