How to Make Great Customer Service the Core of Your Company’s Culture

Every company in every industry has a corporate culture, no matter how big or small the company is. Therefore, being proactive and strategic in building that culture is essential to financial success—by way of customer loyalty through an inspired corporate culture. This translates simply to having the best possible encompassing, company-wide customer service program. Real […]

When the Spirit of Customer Service Goes Beyond the Letter of the Law

Real World Story: So you’ve schlepped across the world in an airplane for thirteen hours. On arrival to your destination, you then schlepp your luggage around from service counter to service counter—from car rental place to hotel lobby to restaurant hostess station. But wait! What if every place you visited gave you a welcome letter […]

Authentic or Effective — what you need to know to be a better leader

To be an authentic leader, you should always speak your mind. Unfortunately, you’ll encounter a major challenge in doing so: speaking your mind doesn’t always translate well to being effective. It’s always best — while remaining authentic, when listening to others — to take a step back, LISTEN, analyze what is being said, and only […]