One visit, two completely different customer service experiences

Real World Story: Recently I spoke with two friends separately about a restaurant they both visited together. To my amazement, they each recounted a completely different experience from this one visit. One friend had a horrible experience from the moment she drove into the parking lot until the moment she pulled away. In her opinion, […]

Café Ingratitude

Real World Story: A friend relayed the following true story: “Two weeks ago, I took a client to one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego, Café Gratitude. I LOVE the food at this restaurant, and I love the concept of gratitude. However, my experience on this particular day was less that what I’ve come […]

How to Drive in the New Year with a New Attitude—and Own it!

Have you ever met someone who makes you think? Who genuinely makes you change your perspective? Someone who makes you grateful for your situation? Real World Story: At the end of last year, I was coming home from a business trip, yet again, amongst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. At the airport, […]