Virtue of Patience — an especially important virtue when we vie to deliver great service

Daily life puts many demands on our time. And while we run around in a frenzy trying to complete all of our day-to-day tasks and plans, we need to stop, take a breath, and remember the virtue and grace of patience. The following story was told to me by a colleague and friend. I hope […]

How to make positivity contagious for improved customer service

Negativity has always been easier to pass along than positivity. This is largely due to our antiquated human nature of day-to-day survival against the world around us. Our existence depended, historically, on knowing where dangers could be found. So passing on this negative knowledge was essential to our lives. However, we no longer live in […]

How to Delivery Concierge-Style Customer Service

When you think of the word “concierge,” many of us imagine personalized exceptional service for elite customers—the white glove treatment for a privileged few. But concierge-style customer service is a service you can deliver to all your customers all the time. Real World Story: At its core, customer service is about helping people. And to […]