Barbara in Action

Why do you need to work with Barbara? Because you can’t expect to do the same things over and over again and get new results.


Opening Keynote Remarks Stay With It Harvard Business School
Barbara Khozam delivers opening remarks Stay with it Barbara speaking at Harvard Business School
ABC Reno – Presentation Skills The Power of a Positive Attitude ABC Reno – Effective Communication
Barbara on ABC Reno - Presentation Skills Barbara Khozam on the power of a positive attitude Barbara on ABC Reno - Effective Communication
Opportunity Barbara issues a Challenge Smiling
Barbara Khozam presents opportunity Barbara Khozam issues a challenge Barbara Khozam on smiling
Define Attitude Opening Remarks – Healthcare Tips for Dealing with Negative People
define attitude video healthcare speech video Barbara Khozam on dealing with negative people
Hire for the Attitude of Service Monitor Performance Create a Motivational Workplace Environment
hire for an attitude of service video monitor performance video give customers a voice video
Boost Customer Satisfaction Encourage Positive Behavior Customer Service Training Offices Escondido
customer satisfaction training evcourage positive behavior customer service training
Customer Service Training: Hold Your Team Accountable Customer Service Training: Increase Satisfaction Escondido Customer Service Training
customer training video customer satisfaction training customer service training
Escondido Customer Service Zap Negativity While You Help Lift the “Spirit of the Barrio” A Social Experiment in “NO” Goes Completely Wrong
customer service training Spirit of Barrio promo social experiment on rejection