The BASICS of customer service make all the difference

My mother and I have frequented Portinos Restaurant for years because it’s the closest restaurant to her hairdresser; we make those outings half-day occasions to hang out together so convenience is key. Real World Story: In the past, the food has been really good, but NEVER the service. We’ve put up with BAD service because […]

Virtue of Patience — an especially important virtue when we vie to deliver great service

Daily life puts many demands on our time. And while we run around in a frenzy trying to complete all of our day-to-day tasks and plans, we need to stop, take a breath, and remember the virtue and grace of patience. The following story was told to me by a colleague and friend. I hope […]

How to use Active Listening for delivering exceptional customer service

A colleague recently relayed to me a story that floored me, to say the least. Real World Story: My husband recently passed away, and I had the daunting task of having to move and cancel and transfer various utilities and home services. Unfortunately, many of our accounts were under his name only. When I called […]