From India With Love — leadership lessons that make a difference

Real World Story: During a recent business trip to India, I read a customer service article in a local newspaper that gave specific leadership tips that I believe can be applied to all companies (The New Indian Express, Monday, July 3, 2017, Talent Management in Hospitality Sector by Dinesh R. Chief HR Officer – OYO):

Strategies that Turn it Around:

  1. Make sure to rotate employees’ tedious or repetitive tasks to minimize burnout. Also, vary or alternate the leader explaining his vision giving outlook to his business teamresponsibility and delivery of service tasks over a period of time.
  2. Give employees periodic training and refresher courses to constantly update their skills.
  3. Encourage senior leaders to interact regularly with team members to address issues at an early stage.
  4. Have team leaders delegate diverse tasks to team members periodically, according to their interests and inclinations. This gives employees a sense of self-worth, importance and boosts their competencies.
  5. Direct managers to engage with teammates to monitor performance. Then ensure engagement remains high.
  6. Ensure managers give their team members insight into their career paths within the organization. Such clarity of a career path can be extremely motivating for employees and allows them to plan for a longer tenure.
  7. Require regular interactions between employees and senior leaders to create a motivating climate for everyone.
  8. Encourage senior leaders to support team members at crucial times to build loyalty and confidence within the organization.

Remember:  For employees to deliver an extraordinary customer experience, they need to have the right attitude, training, guidance, and tools to help people. In addition, leaders must lead effectively while engaging and motivating employees and producing a profitable bottom line.

What do YOU do to create a positive customer service culture? Please share your stories and or comments.