How to Delivery Concierge-Style Customer Service

When you think of the word “concierge,” many of us imagine personalized exceptional service for elite customers—the white glove treatment for a privileged few. But concierge-style customer service is a service you can deliver to all your customers all the time.

Real World Story: At its core, customer service is about helping people. And to excel at helping people, you must White glove servicepossess a natural desire to make a difference in people’s lives. With a few simple tips, you—along with your desire to help others—can offer white glove service that keeps ALL your customers coming back again and again.

Strategies that Turn it Around:

  1. Brand ambassador. Keep in mind that you are an extension of your organization. Always adhere to the standards and values of your organization, keeping them at the forefront of your interactions with customers.
  2. Relationship builder. Whether you deal with customers one time only or on a regular basis, always aim to build a relationship with each and every customer. To build a relationship, you must be courteous, polite and friendly at all times. Smile and be attentive. Address customers by name so they feel important and cared for.
  3. Confidence keeper. When customers put their confidence in you, you owe it to them to keep that confidence by consistently delivering on your promises. Give customers the strong impression that you are reliable and trustworthy by consistently maintaining attention to details and listening carefully to what customers say and want. The more you meet customers’ expectations, the greater their confidence in you.
  4. Multi-tasker. Know all aspects of your job requirements. Be knowledgeable of all your products and services. Being knowledgeable allows you to help a customer from beginning to end of every transaction without having to pass along customers to others in your organization. As much as possible, handle all your customers’ needs personally—professionally and efficiently.

Remember: Concierge-style customer service is not just for a few select customers; it is a service style you can offer to every single customer every time.

What do YOU do to ensure the delivery of elevated customer service to all your customers? Please share your comments and stories.