How to Make Great Customer Service the Core of Your Company’s Culture

Every company in every industry has a corporate culture, no matter how big or small the company is. Therefore, being proactive and strategic in building that culture is essential to financial success—by way of customer loyalty through an inspired corporate culture. This translates simply to having the best possible encompassing, company-wide customer service program.

Real World Story: We’ve all walked into or called certain companies, and we instantly knew that the people we came into contact with were exceptional stewards of their company’s excellent brand. We also knew instantly that our customer service experience would be top notch. Then there are those companies that have consistently given us dismal service time and again because, whether purposely or not, bad service IS their company culture. So how can you ensure that your company’s culture imbues a brand that is “exceptional” and not “mediocre”?

Strategies that Turn it Around:

  1. Having a positive attitude is fundamental to exceptional customer service. As such, be proactive to ensure that Company Culturethe people you hire are people who exhibit a natural desire to help others—an inherent trait that can’t be learned. While having exceptional technical skills are important, they can be taught. My mantra has always been “hire for attitude, train for skills.”
  2. Mission, vision and values. Communication is the key to any successful venture. And that includes communicating your corporate goals to all staffers. Does every member of your team know your company’s mission, vision and values? Ensuring that everyone knows and IS on board with these key essentials is paramount to building your company’s culture of great service.
  3. Top to bottom. Everyone in your organization makes up your company’s culture. Therefore, everyone must participate to ensure the delivery of consistently great service. Everyone—from the CEO and President to your customer service reps to reception to the parking attendants. Everyone.
  4. Training. Whether your company suffers from mediocre service delivery, or you are ready to take your already great service to the next level, contact Barbara to discuss her programs and presentations that can drive you to where you want to be in customer service delivery—to a more dynamic corporate culture.

Remember: A company’s culture reflects the people who make up your company’s workforce—what they think about service and how they treat customers. By employing a few simple tips, you can ensure that your company’s culture permeates exceptional customer service—from the very first second anyone makes contact with your organization.

What do YOU do to ensure a corporate culture that is dedicated to the delivery of elevated customer service? Please share your comments and stories.