Customer Service for Small Businesses

Small businesses, especially start-ups, spend much time and energy with the essentials of raising necessary capital, meeting staff requirements, developing marketing tools, and competing for bids in competitive job markets. This leaves very little focus on customer service. But with the fervor of social media, customer service has never been more important than ever—and knowing […]

Tips and tricks for using Live Chat for customer service

Think about how you used to get your questions answered: You might have stopped in a store, especially if you had to make a return of a product. You could have called—especially helpful if you just wanted to understand how something worked. You might have written—but then as technology progressed you possibly could have emailed […]

The power of “Hello” in customer service interactions

The first 10 seconds of every customer interaction set the tone for how your customer service, or lack thereof, is experienced by customers. And if you wish to deliver exceptional service, it all starts with a simple Hello! Real World Story:  In my latest customer service video, Simple Service Secrets #3: Hello, I share two […]