A BAD lesson in allowing technology to replace human interaction in customer service

Am I alone in thinking that technology is slowly taking over human interaction? We are perfecting computer code that can anticipate and target our likes and dislikes, software that emulates and extrapolates from the work of master painters, and apps that use algorithms to write like humans. And it’s spilling over into in the area […]

The secret of “going off script” to improve customer service

Remember the last telephone conversation you had with a customer service rep in which the rep sounded like a robot because he or she simply recited a script? When you asked a question, did the rep ignore it and go back to reading the script? Did not getting an answer make you even madder than […]

Employee gossip makes for a bad customer service impression

Real World Story: A customer is eating alone at a restaurant’s counter. The wait staff are talking loudly all around her, complaining about roommates. “She’s moving out. It’s a pain in the butt to find a new roommate. Oh yeah, I had to go through that last month.”  On and on they kept talking while […]