How to use Active Listening for delivering exceptional customer service

A colleague recently relayed to me a story that floored me, to say the least. Real World Story: My husband recently passed away, and I had the daunting task of having to move and cancel and transfer various utilities and home services. Unfortunately, many of our accounts were under his name only. When I called […]

Patience: The Building Block to Exceptional Customer Service

When you interrupt a customer, then you have probably lost your patience. When your body language and facial expression become rigid, then you have probably lost your patience. When you get angry with a customer, then you have definitely lost your patience. Real World Story: The following story was told to me from a friend […]

Are you REALLY present for your customers?

How many times have you listened to others and completely spaced out while they were talking? And when they finish, they ask, “What would you do?” To which you stammer about not being sure and that you’d have to think about it. In today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking and technology-driven culture, being present is a dying art. […]