How to Make Great Customer Service the Core of Your Company’s Culture

Every company in every industry has a corporate culture, no matter how big or small the company is. Therefore, being proactive and strategic in building that culture is essential to financial success—by way of customer loyalty through an inspired corporate culture. This translates simply to having the best possible encompassing, company-wide customer service program. Real […]

Feedback: How to Strengthen Your Customer Service Arsenal With this Secret Weapon

Requests for feedback are everywhere. When you shop online or visit a new website, a service survey window will usually pop up. When you contact a company via Chat, a customer survey window almost always appears at the end of your session. When you walk into most restaurants, you’ll see “Tell Us How We’re Doing” […]

Do You Know All Your Customer Service Touch-points?

A touchpoint is every single opportunity that customers and clients have of connecting with your business. And every touchpoint has the opportunity to turn great service into a BAD experience. Real World Story: At a restaurant, touch-points can include the hostess, cashier, waiters, busboys and even the chef. At an insurance company, touch-points can include […]