From India With Love — leadership lessons that make a difference

Real World Story: During a recent business trip to India, I read a customer service article in a local newspaper that gave specific leadership tips that I believe can be applied to all companies (The New Indian Express, Monday, July 3, 2017, Talent Management in Hospitality Sector by Dinesh R. Chief HR Officer – OYO): […]

The Customer Service Way of Indian Hospitality

Real World Story: I just spent the last 10 days in southern India. During this second time that I’ve visited this country, I paid particular attention to the customer service at a variety of establishments, including hotels, entire villages, and even a world-renowned eye care hospital named Aravind Eye Care System. What I found was […]

Tips and tricks for using Live Chat for customer service

Think about how you used to get your questions answered: You might have stopped in a store, especially if you had to make a return of a product. You could have called—especially helpful if you just wanted to understand how something worked. You might have written—but then as technology progressed you possibly could have emailed […]