How to use Active Listening for delivering exceptional customer service

A colleague recently relayed to me a story that floored me, to say the least. Real World Story: My husband recently passed away, and I had the daunting task of having to move and cancel and transfer various utilities and home services. Unfortunately, many of our accounts were under his name only. When I called […]

Home Depot Steps Up, Again: unexpected lessons in great customer service

A few months ago, I posted an encouraging story about Home Depot and the great service it provided to a friend of mine. Following is another Home Depot service story relayed to me by that same friend. Real World Story: Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I talked with my mom about the great Black Friday sale […]

Patience: The Building Block to Exceptional Customer Service

When you interrupt a customer, then you have probably lost your patience. When your body language and facial expression become rigid, then you have probably lost your patience. When you get angry with a customer, then you have definitely lost your patience. Real World Story: The following story was told to me from a friend […]