Do You Know All Your Customer Service Touch-points?

A touchpoint is every single opportunity that customers and clients have of connecting with your business. And every touchpoint has the opportunity to turn great service into a BAD experience. Real World Story: At a restaurant, touch-points can include the hostess, cashier, waiters, busboys and even the chef. At an insurance company, touch-points can include […]

How to Effectively Utilize “The Hand-off” for Better Service Delivery

“Sorry, I can’t help you because this isn’t my department.” How many times has a customer service agent given you this excuse? And how many times have agents simply transferred your call or walked away from you without any additional help or explanation? A business associate recently relayed the following story. Real World Story: This […]

Customer Service for Small Businesses

Small businesses, especially start-ups, spend much time and energy with the essentials of raising necessary capital, meeting staff requirements, developing marketing tools, and competing for bids in competitive job markets. This leaves very little focus on customer service. But with the fervor of social media, customer service has never been more important than ever—and knowing […]